Arborist account

An arborist is a qualified expert (either person or company) engaged in an tree care and management. By signing up they confirm that they want to provide quality services and enhance their qualifications by further education.

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Inventory of installed cables and bracing

Get an overview of cable bracings which you installed.

One of the most important features of the portal is an ability to create an inventory of cable bracings which you installed on trees. For each cable bracing you can enter details about the bracing itself, date of its installation or the tree owner. You can view a well arranged listings of the cable bracings, have them displayed in map and, more over, you will get an annual reminder at the beginning of each year with recommendations to which cable bracings should be replaced because their lifetime is over or which cable bracings should be inspected.

Configuration of arborist account

Configure your contact information, privacy preferences, offered services, etc.

When configuring your arborist account you can edit your contact details and privacy preferences, invite other users to get access to your account but also enter information which can be used by website users to find you. This involves offered services, regions where you operate or certifications of your employees. This information can be used by users when searching for arborist companies.

Authorizations by the partners you cooperate with

Owners of trees you work with and who have registered their trees on this website, you can allow full access to your projects if you authorize. This authorization must be approved

  • As an arborist company we cooperate with arborist consultants when assessing state of trees we treat and when developing tree-care plans.
  • We provide our clients with possibility to publish data about the assessed and treated trees on the Check Trees portal. We record the cable bracings installed by us on this portal.
  • We aim to obtain certifications for our arborist workers in some of the certification programmes.