About Check Trees Website

The main objective of the Check Trees website is to create a world-wide data pool about trees growing in open spaces and facilitate their effective and reasonable management. Through cooperation with leading universities and arboricultural companies we are building a tool, which makes it possible to evaluate and use this vast amount of information.

  • What does the portal offer?
  • Who is the target audience of the portal?
  • Project principles
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Publication of tree inventories

Municipal managers and individuals who own trees in public spaces may publish inventories of their trees as completed by a certified arborist. The owner of the published inventory may choose to make the inventory publicly available and may also control how much information is shared. This website is unique tool for sharing information with the public about tree care in a municipality. Currently it is possible to import inventories which were produced using the MyTrees application.

Tools for planning tree care

Owners of large-scale inventories, such as minucipalities, may find it difficult to inspect each tree every year. This website offers a tool for planning tree care cased in ISAT methodology. This allows the creation of a plan for visiting and inspecting all sites with trees in the span of several years. The plan is created in such a way that the most exposed sites are higher priority. This allows the manager to match available funding with higher concern trees.

Inventory of installed cables and bracing

Tree owners can record cables and bracing systems installed on their trees. Arborist companies can also record this information at time of installation. This website then acts as a notification system to the owner and arborist alerting when inspection is needed and when replacement may be needed. Inspection data can be recorded and stored over the life of the tree and support system.

Searching for arboricultural companies

Users of this website can search for suitable arborist companies using the dedicated search feature. This feature makes it possible to search by company name, name of arborist, city, state and types of services offered.


This is an opportunity for the general public to discover information about trees in the public realm. They may also search for certified arborists and companies to assist them in caring for their own trees. The public does not need to register to use these features.

Tree owners

The tree owners can register as Partners. By registering they will be able to record cable bracings, publish tree inventories, view a summary of recommended actions, plan tree care, search for a suitable arborist company, etc. All services are free of charge.

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Arborist companies

Tree Care Companies should register as Arborists. By registering they will be able to record installed cable bracings, view a summary of recommended actions, etc. All services are free of charge.

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Freedom to share and connect

All users may share information about their trees with the general public upon consent. Users of all public space have a right to search for basic information about the level of care given to trees in the public realm.

Ownership and control of Information

The owner of the tree has a right to make the information available to the public as they see fit. The privacy settings allow customization of how much information will be available and to whom.

Free access to information

All people should have free access to information about public trees. They also should have a means of interpreting and understanding this information, which this website seeks to provide.


Every person - owner of data, manager, advertiser or any other user of the system - should have a right to access the published information. Rights and duties of every user of the Check Trees portal are governed by the same Terms of use.

We arranged mutual propagation and collaboration in area of educational and certification activities with Český svaz ochránců přírody Arboristická akademie.

The CheckTrees.com project is supported by the Zahradnictví magazine.